Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Magic Box of Sanctification

Little magic box
When the contract was up on our cell phone plan last year my wife asked me about upgrading to smart phones. I told her, eh, I'm good with the one I have. I don't need all that. Knowing me better than I know myself, she didn't believe me. It cost about the same to switch to smart phones so we did it.

I am so glad we did.

Yes, I know the rest of you have had smart phones for years so you're thinking, "Is this guy serious? Welcome to the 21st century." What can I say?

My favorite thing about the phone so far is that it's given me the ability to listen to podcasts wherever I go. Yesterday as I push-mowed about 1/3 of our 2 acres (riding mower is down) I was able to crank out the latest episodes of three of my favorite podcasts. The spiritual nourishment and intellectual stimulation I've received from a variety of podcasts has been a great help to me. Hence the title, "A Magic Box of Sanctification."

Here are some of the podcasts I listen to regularly and highly recommend. I'll start with the three I listened to yesterday as I cut the grass.

Mortification of Spin. This is the podcast of Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt: "a casual conversation about things that count." This is the one I look for first when I go to my podcasts. I've always enjoyed Trueman's writings and the broadcast has been just as enjoyable. Pruitt and Trueman make a good team and I appreciate their sense of humor. MOS offers a pleasing mix of theology, ministry, books, culture, and interviews.
The Christian Humanist. "Let your sins be strong, let your faith be stronger" exhorts the show's co-host, Nathan Gilmour. Nate is joined by longtime co-host Michial Farmer and the newly-arrived Danny Anderson who is filling in for David Grubbs.  The co-hosts are Christian professors with expertise in literature, philosophy, and theology. Their thought-provoking shows cover a wide range as can be seen from their recent episodes: "Jewish-American Novels," "Country Music," and "Millennials."

Christ the Center. The long-standing podcast of the Reformed Forum. The most recent episode was an interview with author and blogger Aimee Byrd discussing her book, Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary. It was a very helpful discussion and definitely got me interested in reading her book.

That's what I listened to yesterday. Here are some other podcasts I listen to regularly. I mentioned that I first look for Mortification of Spin when I go to my podcasts but that's only because I don't have to look for my favorite podcast, Ravi Zacharias's Let My People Think, because I already know the new episodes come out on Saturdays!

Let My People Think. Sermons, speeches, and lectures from the great Ravi Zacharias.
The Dividing Line. A mostly apologetical show by pastor, author, and Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, James White.
5 Minutes in Church History. A new podcast from Ligonier Ministries featuring short stories from church history by Stephen Nichols.

Imago Dei. I was turned on to this podcast by friend. When I asked what the major draw was for so many guys I've seen heading to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Tony Merida was a name that was cited. I like what I'm hearing so far.

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