Monday, April 15, 2013

"Purge the Calvinists!" Campaign Continues

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Patrick Schreiner writes at Ad Fontes:
"The sea in the Baptist world continues to be in tumult. The trustees at Campbellsville University, following the direction and advice of the administrators, recommended and approved the following. Dr. Jarvis Williams was told not to apply for tenure and that his contract would not be renewed beyond one year. All of this because of his convictions on theology...
It is especially baffling since the school does not require its faculty to sign a doctrinal statement or to assent in writing to a confession of faith that defines and limits the theological boundaries within which professors can teach or that expresses what professors can and cannot believe...
An administrator at the school told him privately it was because of his theology."
Schreiner adds, "He has published three books, several articles, and is currently contracted for three other books. This makes him one of the most published faculty members even at his young age." It doesn't take much to understand why his theology was a problem. When you click on the links to Dr. Williams's books you find:  For Whom Did Christ Die? The Extent of the Atonement in Paul's Theology.

Uh oh! I can see where this is heading.

According to Amazon's Book Description:
"Williams argues that according to Paul, Jesus died exclusively for the elect to achieve their salvation. The book attempts to show that particular atonement is not simply an abstract theological doctrine, imposed on the text by theologians, and void of a biblical or exegetical foundation, but that this doctrine is biblical, is Pauline, and that particular atonement can be detected in Pauline theology by means of a careful, exegetical analysis of the relevant Pauline texts and of the relevant texts in the Old Testament and Second Temple Judaism." [emphasis mine]
Well, there you have it. Burn the heretic! Purge the unclean!

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