Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One From the Vault: Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return

The pentitential season of Lent began today with Ash Wednesday. Matthew Lee Anderson of Mere Orthodoxy has powerful little post today, A Meditation on Ash Wednesday. Check it out. Here's an excerpt:
"Lent is a time to embrace dependence upon the Word of God and to acknowledge that it is His Spirit that produces fruit in and through us. This, too, is the meaning of Ash Wednesday, wherein we are reminded of our abject poverty, our mortality, and our wretched sinfulness before God. The shadow of Easter prohibits despair, for the acknowledgment of our sinfulness before God necessarily entails that we acknowledge the redemption which that same God has attained. Indeed, such an acknowledgment demands carrying only the burden of a joy which we do not deserve–a burden which brings us into the 'bright sadness' of Lent."
[This post originally appeared at Pursuing Truth on February 25, 2009]

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