Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Like Jordan Said: I'll Take Kobe Over LeBron

Kobe puts LeBron in his place
It's just like Michael Jordan said, "five beats one every time." That's five, as in, Kobe's epic five rings to LeBron's lonely one. From Michael Jordan: I'll take Kobe Bryant over LeBron James:
If you had to pick between the two, that would be a tough choice, but five beats one every time I look at it,” Jordan said of the Los Angeles Lakers star’s five NBA championship rings in an NBA TV interview. “And not that [James, who has only one] won’t get five. He may get more than that, but five is bigger than one.
Kobe underscored his superiority over the wannabe King last night with three straight blocks. The refs called a foul on the third one but it was a rejection nonetheless. Delicious. Maybe that will deflate some of the ridiculous "best streak ever" by LeBron talk.
On Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, Kobe Bryant showed that MJ’s imprint on the game is far from gone. Like Jordan, the Mamba approaches the game with an intelligence and relentless drive that gives him an edge over his opponents. While Jordan/Kobe comparisons can get overdone, Kobe’s suffocating defense on LeBron James in the closing minutes of the all-star game, including 24’s block on the King’s jumpshot, were explicitly Jordanesque. [link]

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