Saturday, December 13, 2008

Current Views on "Missional Church." Bloggers & Pastors Weigh In.

Out of Ur recently presented several posts from various authors regarding "missional church." Here are the links to the posts along with responses from other blogs and a few other relevant posts from earlier in the year. [See Part Two of this post here]

Pursuing Truth Dan Kimball's Missional Misgivings. Small, indigenous churches are getting lots of attention, but where's the fruit? by Dan Kimball, Out of Ur. "I hope I am wrong. For the past few years, I have been observing, listening, and asking questions about the missional movement. I have a suspicion that the missional model has not yet proven itself beyond the level of theory. Again, I hope I am wrong."

Pursuing Truth Three Questions For The Attractional Practicioners Who Questions The Fruit Of Missional: A Response to Dan Kimball by David Fitch, Reclaiming the Mission. "It seems the two different types of practitioners - missional and attractional- keep talking past each other. To me, this suggests that the cultural and theological paradigms required to understand missional are not being recognized or communicated well."
[Note Tim Keller's discussion with David Fitch in the comments section]

Pursuing Truth "The church that came to me" by Erika Carney Haub, The Margins. "I don’t believe Willow should close their doors, nor do I think Church of the Redeemer’s slower growth is any strike against us through kingdom eyes. A widow’s penny was deemed a vast treasure by Jesus, so I am certain that we just can’t look at branches and fruit and harvest the way we do the stock market. The balance sheet can be very confusing…"

Pursuing Truth Megachurch Misinformation. Mega or missional? The stats say both are doing well. by Andy Rowell, Out of Ur. "There are no studies that compare 'seeker sensitive' megachurches to small 'missional' churches, but I think Dan Kimball is right to question the self-described 'missional' advocate who declares that 'younger people in the city will not be drawn to larger attractional churches dominated by preaching and music.' The evidence shows that more and more people are attending large churches."

Pursuing Truth Defining "Missional." Michael Frost clarifies an increasingly unclear word.

Pursuing Truth Mission and Recession. Building a church on 'core time' rather than 'leisure time.' by Skye Jethani, Out of Ur. "Most American churches have based their mission on the assumption of affluence. That doesn’t mean every church is living large. Rather, it means that our churches expect people to give their surplus time and money to fuel Christ’s mission. But what happens if there is no surplus? What if people can’t give more time or money? Like our economy, has our church built its mission on a foundation of sand rather than stone?"

Pursuing Truth Alan Hirsch Responds to Kimball's "Missional Misgivings" by Alan Hirsch, Out of Ur. "As someone who comes out clearly for the missional reframing of church, I do share some concerns about reproduction (fruitfulness). Anyone concerned with Jesus' commission should be."

[See Current Views on "Missional Church" - Part Two]

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