Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Divided Government" Supporters - Where Are You?

[Update: ABC: McCain to use divided-government argument in the final week. Great minds think alike?]

When Republicans had the White House, House, and Senate we heard quite often that government works best when control is split between the parties. Remember when Jumpin' Jim Jeffords switched from Republican to Independent and caucused with the Democrats? Divided government was the thing to do. Well, where are those voices now? McCain-Palin is your opportunity to have a split government. Unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool lefty, which accounts for what... far less than 30% of the people, why would you want the unbalanced, unmoderated, far-left government of Obama, Pelosi, and Reed with the possibility of a filibuster-proof Senate and a leftist Supreme Court due to Obama's 2-3 appointments (which would probably happen sooner rather than later judging by the ages of the Justices)? Very little will be able to slow down the agenda of the left with the Democrats having this much control. If you were for divided government under Bush, you should be for divided government now, right?

Most Americans believe that America is great, in part, because of the interactions of free people in a free marketplace but leftists such as Obama believe we are great because of government. Obama has no private sector solutions to anything. Everything he wants will come through more government, more funding, more centralized control, more government oversight, more taxes. Ask those on the left: at what point does government have enough? When will they have enough taxes? When will they have enough control over our lives? When will they ever say "OK, this is enough"? It is never enough. The answer is always "more." If you don't believe that the solution to our economic challenges will come from more spending and higher taxes, don't give the Democrats free reign. If you don't believe that the answer to every issue is "more goverment," don't give Obama, Pelosi, and Reed control over every branch of government. If you've always said that government works best when the two parties balance each other out, vote for McCain.

That being said, I don't subscribe to the divided (between the parties, that is) government idea myself but many people do or have claimed to over the years. If I had the opportunity to help elect a conservative President and Congress, I would take it. But if divided government is what you believe works best, you have an opportunity to bring it about with a Democrat Congress and Republican White House.

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