Monday, September 29, 2008

"Porn Again Christian" Released Online

Love him or hate him (and I don't really see why some people hate him but they do), you gotta admit that Mark Driscoll is not afraid to tackle tough subjects. He has often spoken out about sexual matters and this time he is doing so the form of free e-book entitled "Porn Again Christian, A Frank Discussion of Pornography and Masturbation." Driscoll claims that publishers considered the book "too hot to handle" so he published the book "in-house." Invidual chapters of the book will be rolled out one by one on Driscoll's blog, The Resurgence. The Introduction is currently available and opens in typical Driscoll fashion:
"You are part of a culture that spends more money each year on pornography than country music, rock music, jazz music, classical music, Broadway plays, and ballet combined. In Paul’s day, he accused some people of worshiping their stomachs as their god, and in our day it appears that our god has simply moved a short distance south."
Driscoll reports that the folks at Mars Hill "have gone through thousands of copies and literally cannot keep it in stock." He adds, "I hope this thing goes nuts and hundreds of thousands of guys read it." I'm sure that's exactly what will happen and I'm happy to help that cause along.

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  1. It's about time! I can't tell you how many "books" I have read (written by Christian men for Christian men) on the subject. All-in-all they have been, for the most part, pathetic and basically unprofitable.

    Finally a man, (and a young man at that), is tearing the mask off and exposing the truth instead of offering "behavior modification techniques" and flowered over excuses about this problem being "Every Man's Battle."

    It must not be every man's battle because my atheist father does not battle with it. He sees it for what it is: Defiling, degrading and a destroyer of marriage and of healthy and beautiful sexuality between a man and his wife.

    I have been praying for years that Christian's would start looking in the mirror instead of focusing on the sexual sins of the confused unregenerate society.

    We stand up and pontificate loudly against the unregenrate homosexual agenda and then return to our homes to live in our secret world of sexual sin.

    Encouraged at last. I thank the Lord for Mark Driscoll and for this online book.

    For His Sake,