Friday, August 22, 2008

Off to Jamaica!

About this time last year when my wife and I were feeling the grind of 3.5 years of seminary with one more to go we decided to try for a nice vacation for just the two of us after I graduated. I just finished a year's worth of Hebrew crammed into ten weeks to close out my seminary career and now we're off to Jamaica tomorrow! They're calling for rain most of the week so we hope we can get some periods of sun although we'll have a good time either way.

I just got back from the library and here is my post-seminary Jamaica reading list:

The Looming Tower, Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright. Hugh Hewitt spent a ton of time interviewing Wright and he received the Pulitzer Prize so I'm looking forward to leading off with this one.

How the Irish Saved Civilization, The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe by Thomas Cahill. I remember hearing about his book way back when it first came out and thought it sounded interesting. Maybe it'll help me to deepen my appreciation for my Irish forebears.

P.J. O'Rourke on the Wealth of Nations. I have not read O'Rourke before but I understand that his stuff is excellent.

The Revolution, A Manifesto by Ron Paul. I sympathize with the Ron Paul folks but they're a little too fringe-ish for me. Maybe this book can change my mind on that a bit.

And last but not least:

Bloodlines by Karen Traviss and Tempest by Troy Denning from the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series. Yes, not only am I a life-long Star Wars fan but I have now entered the Star Wars Expanded Universe. What can I say?

And I'm sure I'll fit some others things into the schedule. I'll drink and Red Stripe or two for you while we're down there.

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