Friday, June 15, 2007

Blah, blah, blah...

I haven't posted since March because I've got nothing to say! That's not quite true but part of the reason I took a temporary break from posting regularly is because I've been needing to do more listening, reading, reflecting, and reconsidering than writing. One of the biggest things seminary has helped me to see is how much I do not know. This is important because there was a time when I thought I really knew a lot. When I was all of 24 years old leading the young adult ministry at my church, I thought I knew quite a bit about the church, ministry, name it. When I was 28 and completed my Bible, I really knew a lot then. After three years of seminary, I have a better understanding of how little I actually know and I'm thankful for it. The way I look at it, what I've learned up til now has provided me with the tools for life-long learning. It's given me entrance to the conversation. Its shown me where I currently am on a path that does not end.

Not only has my time in seminary helped me to understand that I have much to learn and will always have much to learn, its also helped me to see that there are some things that I need to reconsider. It has shined a light upon some things that I need to loosen my grip on. Its helped me gain a better understanding of what is essential and what is not. There some things that I now believe in stronger than ever. Other things I've had to let go or alter considerably. As I said above, my assignments have helped me in this but much of this has come about from things I have been doing on my own as well. Books, blogs, message boards, conversations, different churches, and more. All these have been fruitful collaborators in my seminary experience.

My work during seminary (both assignments and things I've done on my own) has also helped me gain some much needed perspective. It has helped me to see that the particular expression of Christianity that I had known all my life is not necessarily the 'end all, be all' of Christianity but one forumulation of many. Not that I believe all expressions are equally valid or helpful but a broadened perspective has helped me to better appreciate the diversity of Christianity and increase my respect for those who come to different conclusions.

Looking back on many of the things I have posted here, I've seen how little I've actually had to contribute. I'm sure most bloggers have times where they look back on things they've written 2 or 3 years ago and wince. I definitely have. Rather than feeling like I've just got to post something, I decided to take a break. I needed to re-focus and spend more time considering what was coming in rather than what I was giving out by blogging.

I wanted to take a break from posting but I also had to take a break. The past two semesters have taken their toll on me. Last Fall, I was taking my fifth and final Greek course at the same time I was beginning Hebrew. I don't recommend that to anyone! This Spring, I completed first-year Hebrew and am now the proud owner of my first "D+". I earned my first "C" last semester and now I've got a nice "D" to go along with it. Ah, Hebrew! They say you're not a real pastor unless you had some C's and D's in seminary so I guess I'm in that club now. I just couldn't keep up on my work and still find time to post here.

Now that I've had a fews weeks to clear my head from the semester and a few months break from posting, I'm ready to get back to it. I don't know how often I'll post but I'm sure it will be at least once or twice a week. I know that some of the people who linked to my blog have quit linking to me since I quit posting. If you happen to stop by and notice that I'm posting again, pick me back up. Or not. A lot of this is for me as much as anything else. Knowing that people might read this keeps me accountable but I'll write whether anyone else is reading it or not. I enjoy writing and others have told me that I'm not bad at it. I realize that I've got a lot of room for improvement and need the practice that blogging can provide.

So, I'm back to blogging. If you've gotten this far in the post, thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment and maybe we can strike up some good discussion.

Through a glass darkly,


  1. Hi. This is my comment. :P

    So how long do you think it will take JR. to win a championship once he gets to Hendrick?

  2. Let's talk about this in the new post I just added, Funniest Line of the Week.

  3. great post Jeff. I appreciate your honesty and the healthy perspective on your weaknesses. Thanks for getting me hooked on least its a cheap habit...well maybe?