Sunday, June 17, 2007

15 Seconds Is All It Takes Sometimes

Day two of the US Open, 9th hole, in the lead. Bubba Watson had been playing solid golf all day long. I'm not a golfer and I don't even watch golf normally but I've been interested in this year's US Open for some reason. Even I could tell that Bubba blew it yesterday. Upset over a shot in the rough, Watson barely took 15 seconds before his next shot when, in obvious frustration, he cranked the ball from the rough, over the tee, over the green, and into the rough on the other side! Now I don't know much about golf but I knew he slammed that ball in frustration. I couldn't believe it. Leading the US Open and he pulls something like that.

Of course, I probably wouldn't have even made it to the 9th hole before I chucked my clubs across the fairway. I said I couldn't believe that Watson did what he did but, actually, I can. If there's anything I struggle with at times it is anger. I could really sympathize with Bubba as I watched him try to collect himself after hitting that ball in anger. I winced as I saw that he fell from 1st to 5th after that incident. He might have cost himself a shot at the US Open in those 15 seconds. I might not cost myself a shot at a championship with my anger but its certainly costly in one way or another.

I'll be pulling for Watson to redeem himself this afternoon. He kept himself in contention during the remaining 9 holes yesterday. Maybe he can make a run at it today. As a fellow anger-management candidate, I'll be pulling for him to put yesterday's incident behind him and close out the final rounds with patience and control.

"He who is slow to anger has great understanding,But he who is quick-tempered exalts folly."
Proverbs 14:29

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