Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A good reminder for all of us in the blogosphere

"Smart-alecky speech doesn't even work. It may win applause, but it does not win hearts. It hardens the person who feels targeted, because he feels mocked and misrepresented. It increases bad feeling and anger. No one changed his mind on an issue because he was humiliated into it. In fact, we are misguided even to think of our opponents in the 'culture wars' as enemies in the first place. They are not our enemies, but hostages of the Enemy. We have a common Enemy who seeks to destroy us both, by locking them in confusion and by luring us to self-righteous pomposity."
Federica Mathewes-Green

source: Mind & Culture Quotes at Cambridge Study Center


  1. Thanks Jeff - great quote. I sure hope everyone else pays attention to it.

    I'm kidding - I know I'm supposed to take it to heart myself.

  2. Perhaps the extended remix of FMG's essay notes this, but one also loses the capacity to hear the call away from the Enemy if one entirely discounts the possibility that the other feller is right. By extension, making the other feller a target of sarcasm makes hearing that call awfully difficult.

    But in the FMG that I've read, she doesn't talk much at all about learning from living people who disagree with her, so it might not.